In writing, it can be effective to vary word choice by using VIVID SYNONYMS. Instead of repeating the same dull name, expression, or pronoun, try varying your word choice.

A question about the film Out of Africa compelled one student (HH Class of 2005) to write some stellar sentences in an in-class essay. Her use of vivid synonyms and appositives (a renaming of a previous idea or subject) makes for felicitous reading. Check out her sentences in the far right column. Appositives and synonyms are highlighted in gray.

Karin, a well-to-do European, strikes one as being the young girl dreaming of her wedding day. She believes in love, marriage, and family. However, this traditionalist falls in love with a man of exact opposite feelings.

                    . . .

She knows that Denis is worth it, and knows it will work out. So why won't this lion of a man settle down?

-October 2002